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For Soraqia’s customers, our services are a vital part of their export supply chain. We collect and hold a stock of empty containers in our depot for shipping lines and release them as required. This requires a number of integrated services, including:

  • Safely and efficiently offloading and stacking containers through the use of specialist container handling equipment
  • Ensuring that the correct stock level for different sizes and types of containers is maintained
  • Electronically updating container movements in the shipping line’s systems. This can be achieved through EDI messages – no direct system access is required
  • Cleaning containers and performing maintenance where needed
  • Verifying bookings to release containers to transporters and distribute seals

Interactions with our staff are always professional. This is important because truck drivers and others will see Soraqia as representatives of the shipping line, forwarder or other supply chain agent.

Value-added container services

We offer four important value-added services to our export customers. These are:

  1. Demurrage collection. Or collections of other kinds if required; cash collected is deposited and transferred within 5 days.
  2. Reefer pre-trip inspections. We will test the equipment and check the temperature set point for refrigerated exports.
  3. Garment on Hanger (GOH) construction. The Soraqia team will build a professional-standard GOH frame for garment exports. This includes sterile plastic sheet inserts
  4. Container insurance. Through our partner, we provide insurance for the container itself between leaving the depot and its arrival at the port.