Purpose :
Soraqia Gate Way is committed to achieve zero
Accidents or harm to people. To achieve this we will
insure that our business activities are conducted in a safe
manner that avoids and minimizes Health and
Environmental impact
Principles :
The policy has been established on the basis that concern
for the safety of our employees and guardianship of the
environment are essential to successful conduct and
Future growth of our business.

Policy :
The objectives of our policy :
1- Make Health , Safety and Environment protection
Priorities in our depot day by day activities.
2- Prevent any injury or occupational illness to all personal
as well as any damage to assets.
3- Continuously improve and maintain our Health , Safety
and Environment programs.
4- Comply with all relevant legal requirements related to HSSE.
5- Ensure all employees receive adequate training regarding
Health, Safety and Environmental aspects.
6- Necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) should be
available and distributed as per need. Besides that , all
information concerning Health , Safety , Environment & welfare
of our employees should effectively communicated
7- The work environment to be maintained in a safe and