Soraqia is a Jordanian inland storage and transportation company based in Sahab, Amman and operating since 2004. We specialise in the following:

  • Storing and preparation of shipping containers for export on 24,000m2 of land
  • Import and export transportation by truck
  • Container cleaning and maintenance
  • Reefer pre-trip inspections
  • Garment-on-hangar construction for garment exports
  • Collections
  • Other value-added services


The supply chain in Jordan is developing quickly and our customers today expect higher standards. Soraqia is proud to be the  market leader and the only inland container depot in Jordan that is licensed, paved, insured and operating with specialist container handling equipment to international safety standards.

Soraqia customers can have container movements updated directly to their systems by us and will also receive regular, bespoke reports as required. We recognise that our performance contributes directly to the exporters shipping line experience and have developed a professional customer-facing team to ensure that this experience is a positive one.